Our advanced program is a continuation of our Basic Handling program with more distance and more complex blinds and marking. We will still be applying our earlier taught drills because you can never get enough of the basics and your retriever is only as good as his/her foundation. Distance is probably the most significant difference along with the teaching of more precise angle backs and more complex 'handle off' drills to teach the dog a more intricate communication to achieve precision in handling as well as marking. Marking becomes much more advanced as triples and quads are applied and different configurations such as in lines and misdirection. A retriever advancing to this portion of our program, just as any other, will dictate how advanced we can build him/her and particular attention is paid to whether it is best to let the dog mature before entering this level. While in training there may be some dogs that advance through certain parts of the program levels faster than others. Each dog's strengths are continuously evaluated and are used to his/her advantage as well as ours throughout the training process. Some retrievers are more naturally gifted in marking than others and some are more mechanical and better handlers. Each is an asset and the weakness can be developed with carefully selected drills and patience.

It is hard to pinpoint the time to achieve this level as we have mentioned some grasp it quicker than others, but we find that the average length of time over the years has been during the 10 to 14 month stage of our program.

These pupils can most definitely excel in any hunting situation and are expected to successfully compete at the Grand or Master National level.

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