Our basics program gives the dog a head start on handling and lining and is probably a little more advanced than most programs. Once the basics are in place we will then apply them to a complex lining program that teaches a dog how to push past and handle through obstacles such as islands, points, old bird falls, and multiple land water entrees. This is accomplished with our technical ponds and taught with pattern blinds to establish control and confidence. Our program was also developed with the owner in mind to establish timing and confidence in corrections enabling the team to stay on the same page. Once the retriever has accomplished this level he is to be expected to handle most any hunting situation and compete successfully at the seasoned or senior level hunt test with some achieving more of a finished level of control. Multiple marks are also introduced at this time, which will allow the retriever to follow the gun barrel and be more proficient at the line. Marking concepts are tailored for each dog to instill confidence yet maintain control. We then combine the marks with blind retrieves to give the dog a total comprehension of dealing with most any situation presented.

This level is usually achieved during the 6th to 8th month of training.

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