Bear Creek's basics program has been developed to thoroughly engrain the obedience of your basic commands into the dog's vocabulary while always looking forward to how each individual dog's personality will evolve and transition these commands to the field. Each dog being different, just as people, is taught in a way that is individualized for its particular personality, enthusiasm and demeanor. We look for each pupil's strongest traits and use them to get the same end result, a dependable hunting companion and family member no matter what level you wish to accomplish. Your retriever isn't forced to adhere to our program; our program is tailored to your companion.

We teach every command then enforce it based on refinement of position and timing. The owners are plugged into the program at certain intervals based on what is beneficial to the retriever. We encourage the owners to be present as often as they can whether they are actually at hands on stage or not.

On and off leash obedience is taught first as it is the building block and platform for each and every task expected from your companion. Instincts are kept sharp with birds and concept marks are thrown as soon as the dog can be depended on to successfully retrieve and deliver to hand. All of our dogs are taught forced fetch methods that are enforced with ear pinch and later electric collar. Again our enforcement is to refine timing and position of taught tasks. Lining drills are taught as soon as the dog is through back pile and we have found that lining to pattern blinds during the teaching of basic handling gets the dog into field drills quicker and with less stress. We also go into water drills quicker than most programs will allow as we have found that the dogs think clearer as it slows them down enough to use correction in a more timely manner. This earlier water program also gives them a leg up when it comes time for advanced drills. The dog is introduced to decoys, boats and various types of blinds during this time and at this time we begin customizing our training to fit your future use of the retriever. We again like for the owner to have as much involvement as possible during this stage of training as we rely on your input to make sure we are developing what you expect from your companion. Even if you cannot participate as much as you like, such as our many out of state clients, you will find that our program is owner friendly and is easy to plug any novice into. We do use the electric collar as a refinement tool and we do recommend to our owners to purchase one to keep the dog sharp with our many scripted drills that we will provide you with. The collar will also provide an easier adjustment to home life, as we will walk you through an adjustment plan for you to follow. With our methods the e-collar is as easy to learn as the leash work especially with all the latest advancements to our Tri-Tronics equipment.

Our goal for our program is simple. A retriever that is:
- Obedient
- Steady to shot
- Well introduced to various hunting situations
- Force fetched
- Electric collar conditioned
- Basic lining and handling drills in tact
And most important an owner who is satisfied and comfortable in giving commands and corrections to maintain and advance the education of their retriever. This program is recommended for the 6 month or older and is targeted for 4 to 5 months. Time could vary from dog to dog but this is the average and can be quoted after the first 2 months.

For more information please contact us.