On occasion we will take on dogs that were started or what we call 'book trained' then the owner finds that there are restraints such as hurdles that the dog is not overcoming because the owner lacks the experience, time or patience to troubleshoot the problems. Be it a gun dog with basics problems or a hunt test dog that can't seem to get to the next level, we pride ourselves in being able to strengthen the weakest of foundations and plug the largest of holes. Each dog is taken through our basics program and generally thrives with our methods. We have to evaluate each dog for usually a 2 week period before we can commit to a time period and we will need to spend a little extra time with the owner to find out what direction is desired and how big a restructuring is needed. We find that most of these dogs are not as bad as first feared and as long as they have strong instincts, drive and no gun or water problems that they fall in line with the same schedule as our own started dogs.

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